THE BRAND | Plataforma was born in 2001 when Sebastian L. Amerio and Rosa M. Escolà Vilaginés meet each other.
The story of who we are, starts when Sebastian lands in Barcelona, ​​arrived from Buenos Aires and he meets me, La Rosa. about
I had recently studied ‘Design of jewels’ in Can Xatarra (Course of the Generalitat of Catalonia) and, together, we began to dream when doing, designing, creating, …
With the help of Carles Carceller, we begin to take our first steps and, then, after a few years, we have managed to create a different way of seeing the jewels.
Through the three-dimensionality, the volume, color and contrast of different metals, we can make many of our pieces small sculptures full of expressiveness and color.
All of them are differentiated to be hand-made one by one, making them unique and special pieces , where any personalization may be possible.
In addition, this year, as the evolution of the brand, Plataforma expands with Plataforma Barcelona, ​​having our own website with an online store, where you can find all our creations.

OUR TECHNIQUES | In order to develop all these pieces, we use different techniques, such as welding, cross-linking, lost wax, patins, in metals such as copper, bronze and brass.
We use copper nitrate patina to give these colors in green and blue that you can see in the pieces.
Iron oxide patch in order to give brown tones.
Silver nitrate patent for black color.
With silver we grow old in black and give color with oxidation.
We also use other techniques such as forge and different textures.
We use different materials, but mainly silver, bronze, copper and brass.
We can also use gold if we take care of it.

COLLECTIONS | From our inspiration and desire to do, we have been creating our collections.
All these with our personal touch and to reach all your tastes.
Some of our collections are: ‘nature’ , ‘extended clothes’ , ‘animals’ , ‘characters’ < / b>, ‘games’ , ‘music’ and ‘lost wax’ , you can see some of our pieces in the < a href = "http://plataformabarcelona.com/collections/"> ‘COLLECTIONS’.
If you want to see more, visit ours Instagram. You can not miss them!

CURRENTLY | Plataforma continues to grow and becoming an increasingly prominent path on the internet, where you can buy any of our creations.
Also, in our section ‘CALENDAR’ You can follow us and know where you can find us physically.
With this, we encourage you to see what you know and what you know better by visiting the rest of our web!


Phone: 696672807
E-mail: plataformabarcelona@plataformabarcelona.com

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